HBL Updates 2020/09/01

I wanted to update everyone that due to Covid 19 the OCDSB has notified us that we cannot proceed with any gym bookings until Jan 2021.

With this sad news it is now official that we will hold off any arrangements for games until earliest January 2021. We will assess in November the feasibility of when we can start.

If you have any further inquiries feel free to reach me via email or call me at (613) 917-8106

Looking forward to the new year to continue the league as we are going to soon beat this unforeseen challenge.

Thank you and stay safe,
Yanni Psarakis

HBL Updates 2020/07/21

Hope everyone is safe and having a good summer.

My apologies for not staying in touch but I want to ensure you everyone's well been was always in my thoughts. I was hoping this life changing experience for everyone we are going thru was going to be short.

As you are aware, the 2019/2020 season was prematurely suspended due to the closure of the Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are all waiting to see what the Province of Ontario and the City of Ottawa as we start planning the 2020/2021 season. As it stands, We are evaluating the possibility of a full or shortened 2020/2021 season depending on when we are allowed to return.

We will provide everyone with details of the HBL plans once the government bodies make the decision to allow recreational sports to resume and we can negotiate a schedule with the school and referees.

We would ask that everyone consider their own situation and whether they will be willing to participate once the school opens. While the school will be allowed to re-open at some point in the fall, until a cure, treatment or vaccine is developed, COVID-19 will still present a risk to all participants that cannot be ignored.

We will keep you all posted. If you have any further inquiries feel free to reach me via email or call me at (613) 917-8106

Thank you and stay safe,
Yanni Psarakis