Events - 2012 Indoor Tournament

Manny Tzanakakis runs to celebrate a goal with Jose Soto and George Karadakis while a dejected Rick Marins and Tony Georgiou look on.

Superdome at Ben Franklin Park, Ottawa – September 15, 2012 – The local Ottawa soccer scene was buzzing this weekend with news from the of the Ottawa Hellenic Athletic Association’s first annual indoor soccer tournament.

The tournament was unique in its concept in that players from within the club were drafted to create six teams for the tournament.  The intention of the draft was to build parity into the teams by combining all levels of skill from the clubs different divisions onto one team.  OHAA has successfully run a hockey league based on this concept for over 30 years with tremendous success and decided to sample the model with their soccer club.  “We thought the concept would be a great way to get people together who have never had the opportunity to play with each other before", said George Georgopoulos the President of the association and also one of the captains responsible for drafting a team.  When asked how the draft process went, George was quick to comment, "(laughing) uh, let's say there was a little more discussion than expected." Click here to read more...